1. Integrity first
We strive to conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do and in every conversation we have.
2. Focus on gameplay
We create games that are ridiculously fun to play. Everything we do is done in the context of delivering a fun game.
3. Empower individuals
We give individuals the power to make a difference, by providing tools to create and share custom content, as well as giving open access to game data.
4. Foster community
We value healthy communities, via designing teamwork-oriented gameplay, rewarding positive behavior, and providing tight-knit community support.
5. International-friendly
We create games that are easily grasped by non-native English speakers, and we actively engage with and support international gamer communities.
6. Show, don't tell.
We present our work with straightforward minimalism. We let results speak for themselves, rather than hyping things up for the sake of hype.
7. Always learn
We recognize when we make mistakes, and know we have much to learn in many areas. We make ourselves open to feedback, and regularly ask for advice from people wiser than us.