Our mission is to create systems-driven games where smart decision-making triumphs over a quick trigger finger. The following are key aspects of an AutoAttack Games production.
1. Infinitely replayable
Every session should feel fresh, thanks to a deep game loop with interesting decisions at every turn.
2. Built around community
Invest in Discord, reddit, Esports, Developer APIs, as well as in-game community features like Friends, Guilds, and Leaderboads.
3. Accessible to all
Cross-region & localization support, and gameplay design that requires minimal reading comprehension.
4. Fun for all playstyles
Singleplayer & multiplayer modes, enjoyable for competitive and casual players.
5. Fun from the start
Make learning the game streamlined & fun. Never lose sight of the new player experience.


Each team member brings their own perspective & strengths to the team, and we celebrate different working styles & personal backgrounds. Below are key shared values that bind us together.
1. Be kind
Assume positive intent, be respectful, and remain humble. Show gratitude often. Discuss negative patterns if you notice them.
2. Be clear
Be thoughtful with your words, especially when collaborating across timezones. Be quick to clarify, even if you’re 90% sure.
3. Be independent
Each team member is trusted to set their own daily priorities to achieve long-term goals.
4. Iterate often
Anything we ship can be tweaked later. Seek progress rather than chase perfection. Be open to feedback and apologize easily.
5. Savor the moment
We get to make games for a living! Always take time to stop and smell the roses.